Earn passive income

with us

You can delegate your FLR's and SGB’s to our service and earn passive income by our high quality price signals.

Price Providers, like FlareFi, are delivering price signals to the Flare and Songbird networks. You can delegate your votes to us in Vote Delegation process, which allows price signal providers to provide pricing feeds on your behalf, while you maintain custody of your coins.


Accuracy of price providers' operation can be compared for example at https://flaremetrics.io. 


Delegation to FlareFi can be done for example at D'CENT Wallets and Bifrost Wallet.

Flare Network has published The Flare portal, which also supports main actions on both Songbird and Flare network including wrapping, sending, delegating and claiming rewards. 


FlareFi addresses for delegation are: 


   0x184DbC7F2D96aBDfDe5CDa8c56F3F13DbF138cdF in Flare

   0x5f3C5991De3F0713715a733eE125785D516cEb16 in Songbird


Additional information about delegation can be found from https://docs.flare.network/user/delegation/